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I have received numerous responses from people offering help in one way or the other. We very much appreciate it and always welcome any encouragement. Thank you so much for being there for us. You can support us in our fight by spreading the word around and make people aware of what is going and how some families are breaking down. I recently read about a mother who has not been granted leave to remain in the UK even though her daughter is a UK national. The court decided that if she lives the country, her 2 year old daughter won't be forced in leaving the UK. 
Maybe the court did not realise that for the past 2 years or should I say form birth itself, this little girl has only known her Mum and the girl is emotionally attached and dependent on the Mother. The father has only met the girl 3 times out of those 2 years. He has had no role whatsoever in the girl's life and probably doesn't want to have anything to do with her. The court has decided as the father is still alive and lives in the UK, the girl can go and live with him.
Basically, they are forcing this child to live with a father who doesn't love her (according to me) and who doesn't want to look after her.
So, we can see the girl is at fault cos she was born to a non-UK national. May I remind us all we do not chose our parents, we are just born accidentally in a family. The mother's fault is that she wants to give a better life to her child by staying here. Maybe according to UK laws, parents are not supposed to give a better life to their children. I am not going to talk about how WRONG the law is, and how WRONG the court is. I will let you decide for yourself cos I am sure as common people you understand that this child is being treated as a second class citizen and her right to a family life is being taken away form her. The mother's rights are also being abused.
Maybe Theresa May doesn't understand the feelings and emotions mothers go through as she is not one. But I am sure a lot of common people can relate to it.
ABOLISH the No recourse to Public Funds. Everybody is Equal. All children need their loving parents as much as the loving Parents need their Children.
Thank you for everything. like Tesco says 'Every little Help' x

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